Community Safety

Victims residing in communities where they are targeted need to be assured that they feel safe within the homes they reside in. For this to happen in practice Victim first offers appropriate services such as:

Floating Support

Where possible some support even if it is by telephone, should also be made available on weekends and in the evenings since this is when victims feel most vulnerable and unsupported.

Practical Protective Support

Target-hardening-installing tougher doors, locks and windows is a fairly cheap and effective way of increasing security and increasing the victims sense that they are being protected. Better indoor and outdoor lighting can also give a sense of reassurance.

Surveillance methods – CCTV and security patrols can deter perpetrators as well as reassure potential victims.

Impact Assessment

Victims often feel very vulnerable and isolated when targeted. Victim first has qualified staff that analyse the impact of both the perpetrators and victims on communities.

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